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 NPC Buffers & Buffs...

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NPC Buffers & Buffs... Empty
PostSubject: NPC Buffers & Buffs...   NPC Buffers & Buffs... EmptyFri Jun 19, 2009 5:56 am

The NPC buffer that u have made now SUCK.
Make a buffer so you can choose what buffs do you wan't to have. A buffer with all buffs that are necessary for a normal gameplay, including Queen and Seraphin buffs, Improved buffs (Improved Condition,Movement,...), Prophecies and Chants.

P.S.: you can also make a pet buffer, so summoners can buff their summons and have some fun in pvp
P.S.2: Vicious Stance is not working (in hawkeye)
P.S.3: fix the problem, that i won't lose buffs everytime i change my subclass

TY Cool
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NPC Buffers & Buffs...
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