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 About Buffer and its buffs...

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About Buffer and its buffs... Empty
PostSubject: About Buffer and its buffs...   About Buffer and its buffs... EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 9:17 am

Well as you can see in the buffer ,it has not some buffs! So.. I made a list with all the buffs that i whould like to see in the buffer and i hope GM will put them in theyr place!Adn idd like to choose the buffs that ill take and not to have them in package

Acumen Concentration Might Wind Walk Focus Holy Weapon Mental Shield Shield Resist Fire Berserker Spirit Regeneration Bless Shield Death Whisper Guidance Blessed Body Blessed Soul Focus Haste Magic Barrier Greater Might Greater Shield Holy Resistance Resist Aqua Resist Wind Unholy Resistance Resist Poison Elemental Protection Prophecy of Fire Resist Shock Agility Advanced Block Clarity Wild Magic Arcane Protection Divine Protection Prophecy of Water Prophecy of Wind Empower Vampiric Rage

Chant of Evasion Chant of Fire Chant of Life Chant of Shielding Chant of Battle Chant of Rage Chant of Vampire Chant of Flame Chant of Eagle Chant of Fury Chant of Predator Earth Chant War Chant Chant of Revenge Chant of Spirit Chant of Victory Magnus' Chant Chant of Protection

Dance of Fire Dance of Light Dance of Inspiration Dance of the Mystic Dance of Concentration Dance of the Warrior Dance of Fury Dance of Earth Guard Dance of Protection Dance of Aqua Guard Dance of the Vampire Dance of Blade Storm Siren's Dance Dance of Shadows Dance of Alignment

Song of Warding Song of Invocation Song of Wind Song of Hunter Song of Life Song of Earth Song of Water Song of Flame Guard Song of Vitality Song of Storm Guard Song of Vengeance Song of Wind Storm Song of Meditation Song of Renewal Song of Champion Song of Elemental

Summon Unicorn Seraphim
Summon Feline Queen

In Greek : Opos idate ston buffer tou server tou lipoune orismena buffs k etsi ekana ena post edo me ola ta buffs pou tha ithela na vlepw ston buffer me tin elpida mipos o GM ta valei gt ta buffs tis buffer einai poli liga.. Elpizw na pite k eseis tpt , min eimai mono egw pou thelei k ala buffs.. Episis tha ithela na dialegw egw ta buffs k oxi na ta pernw se paketa...
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About Buffer and its buffs...
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